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Jun 29, 2024

Live Like Locals Seeking Community Partners in Jacksonville

Live Like Locals, a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting authentic local experiences and fostering community connections, is actively seeking community partners in Jacksonville. This initiative aims to deepen engagement with the city’s vibrant cultural landscape and support local businesses, artisans, and cultural institutions.

About Live Like Locals

Live Like Locals is committed to providing unique, immersive experiences that allow residents and visitors to explore the true essence of their communities. By collaborating with local businesses, artists, and cultural organizations, Live Like Locals creates opportunities for people to discover hidden gems, participate in cultural activities, and develop a deeper appreciation for their surroundings.

The Call for Community Partners

In its latest effort to expand its impact, Live Like Locals is calling on Jacksonville’s businesses, non-profits, artists, and cultural organizations to join forces. By partnering with a diverse array of local entities, the organization aims to:

  • Promote Local Businesses: Highlighting small businesses, restaurants, and shops that offer unique products and services.
  • Support Local Artists: Showcasing the work of local artists, musicians, and performers through events, exhibitions, and collaborations.
  • Enhance Cultural Experiences: Creating and promoting cultural events, tours, and workshops that reflect the rich history and diversity of Jacksonville.
  • Build Community: Fostering connections among residents and between the community and its local institutions.

Benefits of Partnership

Community partners will gain increased visibility through Live Like Locals’ marketing and outreach efforts, including social media campaigns, newsletters, and feature stories. Additionally, partners will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and initiatives designed to drive traffic and engagement.

How to Get Involved

Businesses and organizations interested in partnering with Live Like Locals can contact the organization through their website or social media channels. By joining this initiative, partners will contribute to a vibrant, connected, and resilient Jacksonville community.


Live Like Locals’ search for community partners in Jacksonville represents a valuable opportunity for local entities to collaborate, promote their offerings, and strengthen the fabric of their community. Together, they can ensure that Jacksonville remains a dynamic and welcoming place for all who live, work, and visit.


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