Your Support helps bring smiling faces to our community

Your choice:: Free creative crafts corner for kids or a Free drink station for adults. 

three Great Ways to get you connected!

1. Become a vendor at an upcoming event

Basic Exposure – Get a 10’x 10′ Vendor booth

We cordially invite your business to join us at Live Like Locals Jacksonville! Connect with the community by sponsoring a vendor booth at our upcoming outdoor market. Take this opportunity to create an engaging and interactive experience for attendees.

Showcase your products, promote your services, and make lasting connections with local customers. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of our vibrant local community. Sign up now and secure your booth!

2. elevate your brand with creative sponsorship

Partnering with Live Like Locals Jacksonville offers you an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your brand in the best light. Our diverse range of events ensures that your business resonates with your target audience. From curious kids to enthusiastic adults, everyone will be talking about your brand:

1. Creative Corners for Kids
Spark children’s creativity and curiosity by sponsoring our Creative Corners. These interactive spaces will captivate young minds, giving them an unforgettable experience and leaving parents grateful for your brand’s thoughtful engagement.


2. Drink Stations for Adults
Quench the thirst of adults and make them remember your brand with every sip. Our drink stations provide a sophisticated platform for you to impress and connect with the adult audience, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of their minds.


3. Live Music Extravaganza
Be the maestro behind unforgettable musical experiences. Sponsor our live music events and infuse the atmosphere with melodies that resonate with the soul. Your brand will be the rhythm that keeps hearts pounding and feet tapping. 


4. Engaging Workshops
Become synonymous with skill-building and knowledge-sharing by sponsoring our workshops. From interactive art sessions to insightful discussions, your brand will empower participants to connect and learn while you reap the benefits of positive brand association.

3. presenting sponsor: Let’s create your brand’s success story

Do you have a desire to enhance your business’s visibility within the Jacksonville community? Building connections and bringing life to local activities is a collaborative effort that requires a united front. We invite you to increase your brand’s presence by participating in our upcoming events.

As a presenting sponsor, your business will shine across all of our digital platforms and creative guerrilla marketing campaigns that lay the foundation for memorable community events. This isn’t just about exposure – it’s about integrating your brand into the heart of these gatherings.

Let’s embark on this journey together, creating a story that highlights your active role in the Jacksonville community. Join us in becoming a recognized name in the area, known for our meaningful engagement within the community.

Upcoming Vendor events

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