Events May Include:

Open Houses – Thrift Events – Food Trucks
– Games – Music – Live Entertainment

Community Pop-ups Updated Weekly

We’re diligently working at filling the 2023 calendar. Each week we’ll be sending out information about the upcoming community event.

Become an approved Vendor

In order to sign-up for an event you must first register as a qualified vendor. Please complete the form. Once approved you will receive the upcoming schedule.

Rain Policy

If it rains and our event is a wash. We’ll reschedule the event or we may even offer you a credit to a different upcoming event. Either way we make an effort to make sure you don’t lose your investment. 

Space is Limited

We estimate that each location will have space for approximately 15 to 30 vendor spots. Some specialty events may be less. It will be important to sign-up before the location reaches capacity.

Upcoming Vendor events

Space is limited at each event. Register now. 

What our vendors are saying: 

I appreciate that you guys come and check on us. Other event coordinators never even speak to vendors. They just collect our vendor fee and don’t follow-up to ensure that we have what we need.

- R.G.

Thank you for promoting your vendors! Every market doesn’t do that. We’re small businesses; we need and appreciate the promotion.


We’ll be sure to register earlier next time to maximize the promotions.


I really like what you’re building here with the vendor community.

- J.W.

I love the way you promoted the event and the vendors. We appreciate the marketing. It was very well done.

- K,B.

It was an absolute pleasure connecting with y’all at the event over the weekend!
Loved all the music & the sense of community you all brought.

I would love to host a booth again.

- C.

What makes a good Live Like Locals Vendor?

Our first criteria is that you complete the qualification form below in it’s entirety, with no need from us to have to email you back asking for more information.

It’s important that you include photos of your vendor booth. We want your booths to feel like an environment, a boutique, an experience for our guests. We don’t want our guests to feel they’ve walked into a flea market.

Yes, I wish to become a qualified vendor.

Please note: After submitting the form, scroll back down to the bottom of the webpage and make sure that you see a success message.


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