Building a Brand to Connect with the

local community

our goal with every event is to re-invest into the marketing of the Live Like Locals Jacksonville brand creating better opportunities for our vendors and small businessess to connect with the community

Who we are?


President of Live Like Locals & 
Speyre Network

Hello, I appreciate your time in getting to know a bit about me. I proudly hold the title of a father to a young man named Anthony and a grandfather to a lively 15-month-old named Elijah. Accompanying me on this journey is my wonderful life partner, Ammie.

For close to three decades, I have immersed myself in various roles such as a small business owner, marketer, and digital marketer.

Having overcome stage 4 cancer not once, but twice, I am grateful to share that I have been in remission for a year now.

Around six years ago, the Live Like Locals brand was established in Savannah, Georgia, where it quickly gained recognition as a local media outlet and events marketing firm. However, due to the pandemic and limited in person activities, our focus had to shift.

Presently, after making several strategic shifts, we are actively working on expanding the brand through community markets in two areas: Jacksonville and Savannah.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you at our local community markets.

Come and join us.



Fractional COO of Live Like Locals
President of Larek Point Consulting

Hello. I am a business owner, cancer caregiver, and the operating engine behind a couple of marketing and event firms, like Agenda Latina and Live Like Locals. I started Larek Point Consulting 10 years ago to help startups and nonprofits create systems for growth.

I have trained thousands of business owners and have worked with countless industries, from health and fitness to home remodeling and garbage companies.

I can officially talk trash!

My career has provided me with incredible opportunities like leading a Small Business Chamber and partnering with the City of Savannah to host the city’s first Big Business Symposium.

Most recently, Larek Point was named the 2022 Best Business Consulting Firm in Georgia by the Georgia Business Journal.

I have been fortunate to share the stage to teach marketing with companies like Google, Forbes, SalesForce, and Starbucks.

I am the current host of the weekly Top 5 events and the soon to be launched Live Like Locals Jackonville video podcast. I look forward to doing some incredible things with some incredible people. Let’s Connect!



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