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Tiffany’s Healthy Eats

Tiffany Abel is a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as, a Home Cook. I am the Founder of Personal Training by Tiffany Llc DBA Tiffany’s Healthy Eats. These two practices go hand in hand. I personally train you and prepare healthy meals that you can order or do meal preps.

First and foremost is managing your diet properly. Not with actual diets and fads, but making Lifestyle changes. One’s diet is actually more essential than exercise. While we should all be active, diet is so important in making not only our inner bodies feel better but our mental health also.

My goal is to motivate and encourage you to change your eating habits and get active and make them both a Lifestyle change. Something that you will keep with you always.

I motivate and encourage you through education of the right food choices to make for you personally. Also, the right activity you can do for you. Food and exercise is of course all on a case by case basis. I train and prepare meals with the utmost integrity that I take from the Word of God.

I am so encouraged to encourage you to reduce or even get off medications through proper diet and exercise. I myself have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Years ago it was around 180/110. If you know about BP you know those are horrible numbers.

Today through diet and exercise my numbers range between 120-130/68-80. So I know personally what diet and exercise can do. Join me in this walk to heal our bodies from the inside out. You Can Do It!!!

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