Fantasy Hair by Jen

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fantasy hair by jen

Fantasy Hair by Jen

What is Fantasy Hair?
Are you familiar with “fairy hair”? It's strands of shimmering tinsel tied to a single strand of hair. Fantasy Hair stays in your hair till that single strand falls out! Most keep it in their hair, on average, two to four months! At least 3 have had a strand in after a year later and another lady lost her last one 18 months after her appointment! Wow!! With me, you will receive a gorgeous, head-turning, show-stopping effect!

You can curl it, brush it, color it, wash it, flat iron, (up to 450°) comb it, straighten it, perm it, blow dry it, get your haircut, etc. Whatever you normally do to your hair, you can do with Fantasy Hair! The only thing that will affect it is a fine toothed comb, as it catches the ties. If you plan to bleach within the next week or two, get silver. Bleach can strip the color from the strands. However, 8 out of 10 times bleaching will not affect the strands but I still need to put this here as a disclaimer. If you are at least a month out from bleaching, get any color you’d like but keep in mind, when you bleach, it could turn silver. But it will still be sparkly!

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